CCTV Drain Surveys

CCTV Drain Surveys

SPS London’s advanced drain CCTV survey technology is the best and most cost effective way to inspect drains and sewers. If you already have a drainage problem or are just keen to avoid one, SPS London’s CCTV drain or sewer survey is a quick and accurate way to get an instant, detailed look at the condition of your underground drains.

We use remotely-controlled, specialist camera systems and software to carry out a CCTV drains survey. These drain inspection cameras relay images to a mobile unit, so that a technician can assess the structural condition and integrity of the drain or sewer. There’s absolutely no disruption to your property or the environment.

Our camera units allow us to get the best results from any CCTV drain or sewer survey and the specialist software means that you see the results for yourself on a USB stick, all supported by a full technical report.

CAD Drainage Plans for ISO

All this technology and expertise means we can help with your ISO14001 accreditation efforts by providing ISO14001 drainage surveys and CAD drawings to support data requirement and current legislation.

The Cleverest CCTV Survey Equipment

  • Panoramo: 360 Degree Drain CCTV Survey
    The revolutionary Panoramo 3D Optoscanner gives a panoramic CCTV drain survey. Panoramo sees and records everything in one speedy pass. Travelling at up to 35cm per second, it scans the entire surface of a drain or sewer and stores the data digitally. That CCTV survey can then be referenced subsequently at any time.
  • LISY: CCTV Survey for Laterals
    Developed especially for CCTV surveys of lateral sewers and drains, the LISY sat cam is another quick and cost effective to CCTV survey laterals directly from a mainline sewer or drain. LISY travels along a mainline sewer for up to 100-metres, with no need to access individual properties. When it comes to a blind lateral, the satellite camera (sat cam) is deployed to CCTV survey a further 33-metres up the branch connection.
  • Laser Profiling: CCTV Survey with extras
    The Profiler fits onto our CCTV survey camera units and collects precise data about the shape of a drain or sewer. It works by projecting a laser ring on to the internal surface of the pipe. From that, Profiler records the ‘ovality’ (ie: how far the pipe has deviated from its original round shape), capacity and other conditions such as pipe size, deformation, erosion, encrustation, debris, grease, flows, lateral protrusion, surface damage and holes.
  • PROTEUS: CCTV Survey for Explosion-Risk Environments
    Proteus is an ATEX-rated camera engineered, built and tested for safe use in high risk environments such as zone 2 public sewers which fall under the ‘Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations” (DSEAR). Water companies therefore require that equipment be intrinsically safe (Ex-rated) to avoid a spark which may ignite substances which have found their way into the network.

Our Drain CCTV survey software

  • Wincan Software
    Our Wincan verification software enables over 450 independent checks of data to be included in your CCTV survey, validating the coding and making every survey comply with Wita/0520 pipeline surveying accreditation. Wincan validation software also ensures complete consistency through report standardisation.
  • Panoramo 360 Degree Software
    The Panoramo camera’s specialist viewer software lets you access the stored data to carry out a complete sewer inspection as if it were in real time. The recorded data is a 360º view of the whole pipe so it’s like a virtual camera: you can pan and rotate, stop, turn a full circle, zoom, capture images — even look at an unfolded 2D view of the pipe’s inner surface — at any time.
  • Profiler Software
    Profiler’s software builds a digital pipe profile with data that can be used live or recorded to USB Stick And it offers a range of graph options for reporting and analysis, including a flat graph showing the pipe as if it had been cut lengthways, pulled apart and flattened.