Gas Leak Detection


Gas Leak Detection

When detecting leaks in domestic properties, we take great care and pride in detecting, leaks with as little noise and mess as possible.

For years we have been using technology such as thermal imaging cameras, acoustic leak detectors, snake cameras, moisture detectors, and nitrogen hydrogen leak tracing gas and have perfected these methods. If you have a suspected under floor leak, do not worry, as we have methods available which mean that ripping up your whole floor is not an option.

With hydrogen leak tracing gas, it is much easier and less messy to drill a small hole in your floor, usually around the edge or in a discrete corner, and then inject the gas to find out the location of the leak.

Often, we will also be able to find domestic leaks without using all this advanced equipment as we are highly skilled in the trade and sometimes the leaks are more obvious than others.

Non Destructive Leak Solution

We use engineers who can identify precisely the location of a hidden leak under the majority of surfaces with little or no damage to walls or floors.

Cost Effective

Because we use non-invasive domestic leak detection, our services work out to be extremely cost effective, this is because hours of labour are saved in the domestic leak detection process. Invasive methods of domestic leak detection require the lifting of flooring, digging of the ground along the path that the leaking pipe is thought to run. This is obviously a time consuming and therefore costly process.

Reduced water consumption

Having a water leak can cause high water bills, so ensuring leaks are dealt with quickly and effectively, saves money.


Each survey is carried out in a methodical way and each step of the survey is recorded both in writing and with colour photographic evidence, thus insuring you the customer total peace of mind as to what has been done and how we have found your leak.